Company culture

Vision: to be a respectable world-class enterprise.
Mission: provide customers with the best solution.
Values: innovation, transcendence, and pursuit of high-quality products.
         Obey the law, save energy, produce green products.

Environmental policy: ensure that all business activities of the company comply with laws and regulations and other requirements;
In all production activities, we are committed to saving energy, reducing waste and controlling the environmental management material and improving pollution and continuous improvement. Make public commitment of the company's environmental protection and inform all employees.

Corporate social responsibility policy.
Environmental conservation, safety and compliance, health, continuous improvement, social welfare and sustainable management.
(1)It contains at least::
The policy: to prevent and control pollution, continue to reduce waste, provide environmental protection products, save energy, protect the earth, practical operation of green enterprises;
Safety policy: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment;
Health policy: prevention first, prevention and treatment combination;
The principle of labor relations: care for employees according to law;
Moral principle: fair and just, integrit and honest;
To meet customer needs;
Open to the public.
(2)General principles
Full participation, everyone is responsible, creating beautiful production and living environment, safe production, health, law-abiding business, continuous progress.