"Free blood donation o help life to continue" An Jie people in action!
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"Free blood donation • help life to continue" An Jie people in action!

        Blood is the source of life and the bond of social love. Blood donation, as a civil enterprise that benefits the country and the people, is a symbol of human civilization and progress, and it is also an obligation of every healthy citizen of the age. On the morning of October 16, some employees of Anjie Technology went to Guangfu Town to donate blood without compensation.
        Anjie Technology organized employees to donate love and blood donation every year. This is an annual charity that Anjie people insist on doing. In this blood donation event, a total of more than 20 Anjie employees actively contributed their love and enthusiastically joined the blood donation team. They signed up and queued up in an orderly manner for blood donation. They adhered to the spirit of "everyone is me and everyone".
        For voluntary blood donation activities, Anjie Technology has continued to organize many times. Every voluntary blood donation activity, the employees of the company can actively respond to the call, actively participate, and contribute to the healthy development of the voluntary blood donation business. At the same time, we also call on more people to join the ranks of volunteers who donate blood without compensation. Public welfare blood donation, with love for life!